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Struggling to Cope With Failure?

Posted by Shane Murphy on Saturday, October 28, 2006

listen.jpgIt’s a disgusting weather day here in Central Ohio, so instead of heading outside to wrap up the autumn lawn work, I spent some time this morning working on my sales skills. Part of that work took me to a relatively new destination out there — RealWorldSelling — which is a new podcasting venture that includes Brandon Hull of

I had a listen to a podcast by Steve Martin (not the comedian) that discussed “coping with losing” a sale. Martin’s advice was good, and his voice lent itself well to the podcasting format. I’ve found many a podcast that I had to fight myself to get past the first two minutes. Not so on RealWorldSelling.

Podcasting is one of those things that’s not just wonderful if you have an iPod and a long commute time. It’s something that you can take advantage of instead of listening to music or some wacky talk show while you work.

Enjoy it.


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The AccountHUNTER Returns

Posted by Shane Murphy on Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I appreciate the Emails of support (and the ones asking me what on earth was going on) that I’ve received in the past weeks. There are times when you blog that you don’t know if anybody is out there reading your thoughts, but the past weeks have shown me that there are.

Six weeks ago, I last made an entry into the blogosphere, preparing for what was to be a “week-long junket” of 15-hour days in a classroom. Today, I’m back in my home office after what was likely the most difficult six weeks of my professional life.

There are times in life that we make mistakes, those times when we either misjudge or misunderstand a project that we’ve taken on. The last six weeks have consisted of an abundance of the former.

And for one of the few times in my professional life, I’m thrilled that a project is over.

The life that I lead as a training consultant / freelance commercial writer is never a boring one. It seems that I’m in a constant state of account hunting, looking to make that next sale and keep the business growing. I’m sure that the majority of you who read this blog are of a similar mindset. That’s why you read this.

So for me, it’s back to the hunt. I hope you continue the ride with me.

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Book Review: “The Little Black Book of Connections”

Posted by Shane Murphy on Monday, August 7, 2006

gitomer-connections.jpgImagine my surprise last week while on vacation in Chincoteague Island, Virginia, I walked into a tiny bookstore and saw a little black book on the shelf in the business section. As I walked toward the book, the first thought in my my mind was “Jeez… it’s one thing to steal Gitomer’s idea, but to have the book look identical to the Little Red Book series…”

Then I picked it up. By Jeffrey Gitomer.

And it ain’t a sales book?!?

Nope. What it is though, is the “Little Black Book of Connections.”

Two days remaning on an incredible beach, and a brand-new Gitomer book in my hands? Life is good!

Stepping out of his classic sales realm, Gitomer nails it with this wonderful book that focuses on networking as a way to enhance your success in both business and life. As he has discussed ad nauseum in his sales series, Gitomer is a huge believer in building relationships as part of your overall business strategy.

In my opinion, the overall book is strong, but like most Gitomer reads, it’s nothing earth-shattering. It’s just plain, in-your-face, reality.

There are times when I read this guys writing that I literally shake my head and wonder why these things need to be written. But Gitomer has a way of connecting with the reader. It’s an almost conversational, yet confrontational way of just grabbing you by the neck and demanding your attention. The only thing missing is that he can’t make you take action. He can just give you the straight dope. It’s your task to put it into practice.

The strongest section of the book is just six pages long (pp 26-31) and is titled “The 17.5 Strategies, Guidelines, and Rules of Connecting.” These are six of the most powerful pages that I think Gitomer has ever penned.

These strategies and rules are simplistic — but they are not simple. As you read them and begin to understand them, they will help you make connections in a better, more powerful way. Oh, one other thing — you have to implement them.

Those six pages alone are worth the price of admission. Really. Go to the book store and read those six pages. Then buy it and read the whole thing. I’m already on my second read, and I’ve only had this little gem for three days.

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Lessons Learned From a 3-year Old…

Posted by Shane Murphy on Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A bit of motivation on tap today for you.  I had one of those days today that just had me on that kick for, well… a kick in the pants!  You know what I'm talking about.  We all have them sometimes.

So I came across this simple blog — Marketing On The Run — and a short little mp3 about tenacity and perseverance in your life.  I'm surely going to visit this blog more often in my world from now on, and I felt a little more positive about myself when I was done.

One thing that really stuck with me from my visit to this blog was a quote that popped up when I first landed on it.

"Motivation will almost always beat mere talent."

On a day like I had, that was a simple quote that I really needed to hear. And that's what a motivational blog should do for me, isn't it?

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