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You Can’t Have It!

Posted by Shane Murphy on Monday, December 11, 2006

We’ve been talking a lot about closing deals lately here at AccountHUNTER, and I’m going to continue that theme a bit today. This afternoon, I read an interesting entry over at LandingTheDeal regarding the “takeaway close,” and felt it was something good to share.

Really, the idea of the takeaway is just another form of the “getting inside their head psychology” that I wrote about last week. It’s all about getting the clients synapses firing a bit and getting them to think about what’s going on.

“In sales, it works this way: If the prospect is hesitant and you are not getting anywhere, you start to pack up your sample case, papers, or whatever, while telling him – in a serious, sincere, even somber voice – “Maybe this isn’t right for you.”

As soon as you do that, most prospects will immediately say – “Wait, hold on a minute!” – and ask you to continue your presentation, much more interested than they were only seconds ago.”

Silly, but effective. Take a look at it. It won’t work for every possible selling situation you ever find yourself in… but what close will?


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