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Turn Away That New Business

Posted by Shane Murphy on Friday, October 27, 2006

no-thanks.jpgSay ‘No’ to new business? That’s what Noelle Weaver is advocating over on the AdAge Small Business Blog…

No, she’s not crazy. Her approach is very well-reasoned and may get you focused on the accounts that will make your firm money… and make you a bit less crazy. From the article…

I can’t tell you how many times, in an effort of transparency and honesty I’ve told a prospective client that 1.) we don’t’ have the staff bandwidth to serve them 2.) the timing of the pitch didn’t work with regards to other current client production that was happening in the agency 3.) the budget for the type of work that we would do plus the amount of energy we would spend doing it, just wasn’t there. More often than not, the client was not only appreciative of the truth, but called us back at some point later with another opportunity.

Maybe she is crazy… crazy like a fox.


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