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The AccountHUNTER Returns

Posted by Shane Murphy on Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I appreciate the Emails of support (and the ones asking me what on earth was going on) that I’ve received in the past weeks. There are times when you blog that you don’t know if anybody is out there reading your thoughts, but the past weeks have shown me that there are.

Six weeks ago, I last made an entry into the blogosphere, preparing for what was to be a “week-long junket” of 15-hour days in a classroom. Today, I’m back in my home office after what was likely the most difficult six weeks of my professional life.

There are times in life that we make mistakes, those times when we either misjudge or misunderstand a project that we’ve taken on. The last six weeks have consisted of an abundance of the former.

And for one of the few times in my professional life, I’m thrilled that a project is over.

The life that I lead as a training consultant / freelance commercial writer is never a boring one. It seems that I’m in a constant state of account hunting, looking to make that next sale and keep the business growing. I’m sure that the majority of you who read this blog are of a similar mindset. That’s why you read this.

So for me, it’s back to the hunt. I hope you continue the ride with me.


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