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Keep Those Opportunities Moving

Posted by Shane Murphy on Saturday, August 19, 2006

Back in June, I pointed AccountHUNTER readers to a simple little prospect management tool from The tool, in Microsoft Excel format allows the you to select from one of three “likelihood” gauges—Top 1/3, Middle 1/3, and Bottom 1/3—as well as adding a summary or overview of the deal. As I’ve used it over the past few months, I’ve found that it does indeed help me to keep my mind on my prospects.

So this morning, I was just doing some reading while it was quiet, and I came across a wonderful article over at The Sales Guru about keeping the pipeline flowing, and it immediately got me thinking about that simple little Excel sheet.

Get an appointment scheduled with every qualified opportunity in your pipeline . . . today! Do not let another day go by. When it comes to scheduling the next step with your customer, the sooner the better. Even if the scheduled meeting is a month out, get it on the calendar because it’s easier for you and your customer to keep a previously scheduled appointment than to schedule a new one. And it’s harder for your customer to cancel a scheduled appointment than to simply ignore your request for a new one.

Planning is one of those little things that will sink you if you’re not on top of it all the time. The Sales Guru uses a pretty strong analogy about what happens when you let your leads wither and die, comparing it to a Doctor having a patient go flat-line.

If we let an opportunity stay flat, we sever any momentum we may have generated. And if it stays flat too long, that opportunity will die, or at least sustain serious brain damage.

It’s worth a read, folks.


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