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Getting Inside Their Heads

Posted by Shane Murphy on Wednesday, August 9, 2006

psychic.JPGAs far as the base concept of selling goes, I’ve always been a bit enamored by the psychologial side of things.  I’m a big believer that the psychology of selling is just as critical to understand as anything if you want to go from good to great.

A lot of it though, really, isn’t all that complicated.  It’s a matter of gaining a deep understanding of what your customer wants, then making sure that she knows that you can make it happen.  One of my early sales mentors used to pride himself on his ability to “get inside their heads and run around a little bit” to get a grasp of not only what they wanted, but also who they were.

This piece from RainToday got me to thinking about that mentor of mine, a guy who I saw do things in a sales training environment that I’ve honestly never seen since.  And to be sure, it  was because he had an ability to get inside their heads.

“The value of the information gathered in this way can be enormous. A deeper understanding of how much clients trust you in these critical areas of emotional connection can be a mirror to see yourself–if you choose to look. By knowing how well you are meeting the clients’ current needs, you can change your approach to account management, relationships, contracts, servicing, information technology, and reporting.”

Imagine what you could do with a basic understanding of how to… well… read their minds.


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