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The Art of Personal Branding: Email Newsletters

Posted by Shane Murphy on Thursday, August 3, 2006

letter.jpgIf you’ve been paying any attention to your personal development in recent years, you’ve heard the buzzword of “personal branding,” I’m sure.  My favorite sales guru, Jeffrey Gitomer, talks a lot about those things that help you brand yourself as well.

Face it, in today’s ultra-competive business environment, every little thing you do to enhance your personal brand give you a leg up on the competition.  If you are seen as an expert in the field, logic dictates that the prospect knows who you are before you even begin your pitch.  And of course, that makes the process much different than going in cold.  Right?

So let’s consider the thought of an Email newsletter for a moment.  Gitomer, for one, goes on and on about the importance of using little things like this to seperate yourself from the pack.

As I said, if you’ve been concerned about your development, you should already know the reasons why something like the Email newsletter can be so valuable to seperating yourself from the crowd.  But have you considered why?

Take a look at this piece from WebProNews and you may learn some things that you didn’t know about these little messages.

I’d recommend taking some time this weekend and learning more about how this simple tool can help you become more of a recognized expert in your field.  It’ll lead to greener pastures down the road if you understand it… and stick with it.


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