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A Critical Selling Factor

Posted by Shane Murphy on Tuesday, August 1, 2006

sleep.jpgOne of the many things that I like to talk about when involved in a sales training session is ‘what is the customer really buying?’

By that I mean… when a customer buys a drill, he’s not buying the drill.  Ultimately, he’s buying a hole.  The drill is just a tool to make the hole.  Sure, the features of the drill are important, but more important is the end-result — in this case, the created hole.

When you sell your wares, do you keep this critical factor in mind?  Do you ask the questions to determine exactly what your client — or potential client — actually needs  Over on TalkSuccess today, I came across an interesting — and very simple — story that touches on this critical factor perfectly.

Through a series of questions that got me focused on product I smoothly and painlessly forgot about price for a while and started to get involved in a logical process that I believed was best for me; one that would ultimately see me get what I really wanted which was a good nights sleep!

Ultimately, in the majority of selling situations, it comes down to that old favorite… “What’s in it for me?”  Nothing more than that.

Keep that front of mind the next time you’re prepping a pitch for a client.  What’s in it for them?

Is it a fancy new bed with all the bells and whistles… or is it simply a good nights sleep?


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