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Compose That Elevator Speech This Weekend

Posted by Shane Murphy on Thursday, July 27, 2006

elevator.jpgI’ve discussed the importance of your “elevator speech” more than once here on AccountHUNTER over the past few months.  The elevator speech… you know, that little 30-second ditty that you really need to burn into your memory so that you can explain to anybody exactly what how it is that what you do can be of help to them.

So as the weekend approaches, have you actually taken the time to sit down and either write yours or attempt to improve it?

This week, I decided that I need to revamp mine considerably.  But before I got started on it, I found myself wondering if there was any good advice about this on the good ‘ol internet.

What a silly question…

I came across an article on a job hunting site (makes sense, right?) that explains in pretty good detail a great exercise in constructing your elevator speech.  This piece gives multiple processes that you can use to make your speech sing.

Take a little bit of time this weekend and work on yours.


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