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Honest Abe’s Take On Customer Relationships

Posted by Shane Murphy on Friday, July 21, 2006

lincoln.jpgHow do you perceive your relationships with your customers? Just as important of a question… how do you perceive your prospects?

It’s easy to look at a prospect — and at face value, simply dismiss them for a variety of reasons that you may swear up and down you would never consider.

Dan Tudor over at LandingTheDeal penned a pretty strong blog item last week discussing the customer relationship philosophy of Abraham Lincoln. Specifically, Lincoln’s simple understanding that it is indeed your attitude that defines your relationships with others… including your customers and prospects!

“Hey, guess what: This isn’t high school. You aren’t passing notes in your home room, and your customer isn’t going to ask you to the prom. It’s a professional business relationship, and you need to grow up and act your age when it comes to being patient with your customers, even when they don’t return the favor to you at first.”

That couldn’t be more true. Sometimes in life, and in selling, we have to get past our personal issues and biases and realize that when we decided that we don’t “like” somebody, it very well may be our problem to overcome.

To simply write that customer off may seem logical in the short-term… but what about long-term? Think about it…


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