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Who Should You Be Selling To?

Posted by Shane Murphy on Thursday, July 20, 2006

shrug.jpgEvery day, as you sit in your office trying to figure out how to get more potential clients onto your prospecting list, what are you actually doing? Are you actively prospecting and then qualifying those prospects, or are you spending the bulk of your time trying to convince people who, quite frankly, don’t want to be convinced of anything except that it’s beer-thirty?

I was over at SalesTeamTools today and saw this a blog posting about this very issue. How many times have you done your prep work, been dead-on prepared for a major pitch, then found yourself in front of a person who, plain and simply, has very little interest in talking to you at all?

So when you prospect, are you just filling up your database of potentials, or are you taking the time to actually qualify those leads before spending your valuable time preparing for the next frustrating pitch? From SalesTeamTools:

It’s finding out, quickly, who recognizes they need to make things better because they’re broken, or make things better because they can. And spending time only with those prospects. It’s telling them in brief, easy-to-understand, engaging language what you do, why you do it, how it could help them, and finding out if they get it.

If they don’t, then move on.

Prospecting without qualifying, many times, is simply an exercise in frustration. Take that extra time to do your research on your prospects, find out who you need to talk to exactly, and be sure you’re talking to people who are difference-makers… people who can make decisions.

And always be ready to help them. Always.


2 Responses to “Who Should You Be Selling To?”

  1. Brandon said

    Hi Shane. Thanks for mentioning my post…and giving it a better headline!

  2. Not a problem, Brandon… it was a great read.

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