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Little Blue Book of Advertising

Posted by Shane Murphy on Tuesday, July 18, 2006

advertisings_blue_book_1.jpgIt’s been a few weeks since I put up a book review on AccountHUNTER, so today I was looking for new titles that may either be out or are coming out in the next few months. In my searching, I came across a title set to be released in late July / early August — “The Little Blue Book of Advertising” by Penguin Group.

Before preparing my request to Penguin for a review copy of this book, I came across a pretty detailed review of it on Brand Autopsy. After reading their impressions of the book, I still sent my request letter but also wanted to link up to it because their synopsis is quite detailed.

The premise of the book is quite simple — 52 tried and true ideas culled over the years by the authors, both of whom are advertising veterans.

The review on Brand Autopsy is impressive to me, in that they don’t just give their singular impression of the overall book, but they break down several of the tips and actually review the tips individually. A unique and time consuming effort for sure.

I’ll do my own review when my copy arrives, of course…


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