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Can You Master the ‘Science’ of Selling?

Posted by Shane Murphy on Monday, July 17, 2006

science.jpgBecoming good at selling — heck, becoming good at anything — is not easy. Rather, it’s a process, almost scientific in the approach. It’s dedication and commitment, it’s desire and hard work.

As my father used to tell me (and still does), “nothing worth doing is easy.” When I was a kid, I thought he was crazy. But he’s right.

Which is why I’m a devoted reader. I read all the time, it seems. New ideas, analysis of existing ideas, and a lot of motivational-type reading. Which explains why I like what Jeffrey Gitomer writes so much.

Gitomer has a great piece on his website regarding how he became good at selling — and he is good. I’d recommend taking a look at it, it’s well worth your time.


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