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Three Common Closing Errors

Posted by Shane Murphy on Sunday, July 16, 2006

As another wonderful weekend draws to a close, it’s time to get revved up for another week of making sales. And speaking of closing… how about three common closing errors to get your Monday off to a rollicking start?

From a blog called “The Sales Guru” comes the three errors in question:

  1. lightbulb.jpgNot Asking for the BusinessI’ve talked about this a little bit since starting up this blog, but it’s still something that I think gets woefully too little discussion in the grand scheme of things. Many a sale has been lost because the seller just didn’t have the guts — or the wisdom — to just ask for the sale.
  2. Not Paying Attention to the Prospect’s Signals – A few years ago, I was working as a sales trainer for a major mobile tool company. One day, I was on the road with a struggling salesperson, and watched him lose sale after sale because he just wasn’t paying attention. To wit, a customer was in the truck (the salesperson’s store) just ogling a $6,000 toolbox. Opening drawers, looking at it from different angles, asking what kind of payment options there were… but the salesperson was too busy trying to sell the guy a $50.00 wrench to read the signals.After the customer bought the wrench and went back into his shop, I pulled the salesperson aside. We discussed what I had been seeing, and he went into the shop to talk to the customer about it. First words out of the customers mouth? “I just figured you must have it sold to somebody else!”
  3. Getting Jaded – This is one that’s actually incredibly relevant, but easily overlooked when wondering why you may be struggling. Attitude is everything! Regardless of how things are going today, you’ve got to keep your mindset positive. Letting a crummy day — or crummy quarter — drag you down just dooms you to a self-induced failure. Don’t get caught in this trap!

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