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Searching for the Next-Gen BBQ Grill

Posted by Shane Murphy on Friday, July 14, 2006

grill.jpgA bit on pitching today, but from a unique angle.   I came across this very interesting blog item on VentureBlog this morning, and after some thought decided that it warranted mention here at AccountHUNTER.  Not because it’s a sure-fire way to help you build a better pitch, but more because it shows two things clearly.

  1. A well-prepared pitch is a better pitch
  2. A client who recognizes the quality of your pitch is more apt to ask “Why not?” as opposed to “Why?”

The crux of the item is simple… a quick overview of two pitches.  One demonstrated an impressive level of understanding of the clients issue at hand, the other more of a demonstration of confidence and understanding of the product being pitched.

Look at it and take it in as you head for wherever you’re heading this weekend!


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