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It’s Friday! Now What?

Posted by Shane Murphy on Friday, July 7, 2006

golf.jpgI came down to my home office this morning and got my coffee going… then sat down and looked at my desk. Then I looked outside, and it’s an impressive day today. There’s barely a cloud in the sky. Maybe I should go grab the clubs and…

You know, there are Fridays where I feel like there’s not a whole lot that can be accomplished, and it’s so easy to fall into that trap.

“Nobody wants to see me today… it’s almost the weekend.”

“He doesn’t want to be bothered by me today… surely he’s wrapping up his week.”

“It’s such a beautiful day… I really could stand to work on my swing a bit.”

Friday is indeed a day where you can accomplish a lot, but it’s much easier to just pack it in and do something completely non-productive.

Last Friday, I linked you up to a pretty wicked spreadsheet from designed to assist you in keeping a good account of active prospects in your pipeline. If you haven’t started experimenting with it, there’s never a good time than now.

Perhaps on Friday, you take a hard look at your active prospects list and start planning how next week is going to go. Or use it to recognize that you have a hot prospect that you may want to drop a call to today just to see where things are. Or maybe you look at that bottom third and weed some into your inactives file.

Bottom line, though, is that taking Friday off is not an option in our world… is it?


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