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What Defines a Prospect?

Posted by Shane Murphy on Saturday, July 1, 2006

timeismoney.jpgSeems like a simple question, doesn’t it? But is it really so simple?

Think about it for a minute… how much time do you spend each day researching and prepping for a presentation to somebody who is incredibly unlikely to buy? I thought about this morning while surfing the blogosphere and coming across this very short entry on somebody’s personal space. As I read it, I thought this it was important enough to include here.

A person is a prospect only if they: a) have a genuine interest in the particular service or product you provide AND b) have responded to one of your offers AND c) they have provided you with contact information AND d) they have the authority to buy your service/product and can afford it. Everyone else is a stranger. Not a prospect.

I don’t neccesarily agree with everything in this short piece, most notably that a prospect needs to have responded to one of your offers. In many cases, you need to have the opportunity for them to respond, and that’s your opportunity to make. But the point made is a good one. Stop wasting your time on those who no-hopers!

So while you’re prepping for next week, keep that in mind. Take advantage of the tools available to you out there to not only research for a presentation, but to research to find out if the people who you want to pitch should be high on your target list. Once you make that decision, then it’s time to get busy prepping to make the presentation, and hopefully… the sale.


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