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Aisles and Aisles of Opportunity

Posted by Shane Murphy on Tuesday, June 27, 2006

groceries.jpgA new Giant Eagle opened in my neighborhood yesterday.  I live in a relatively small suburb of Columbus, but we’re accustomed to having pretty much everything under the sun, when we want it – if we really need it or not.  So, I was naturally curious to see what the fuss was about (and why Kroger had spent the last six months doing a complete overhaul, to the point where I just stopped going).

Inside, that was no grocery store… not in the conventional sense anyway!  Specialty food areas, chefs at every turn cooking stuff that I’ve never even heard of, and I realized that this sort of “new store” represents a great opportunity for marketing campaigns.  Not just at this fancy new Giant Eagle, but for grocery stores who wish to compete with these sprawling mega-stores who seem to cater to everybody’s needs.

USA Today ran a great article about these mega-stores back in May.  Tip of the Hat to Ad-ology for pulling that one up for me.


2 Responses to “Aisles and Aisles of Opportunity”

  1. C. Lee Smith said

    As much as I enjoy Giant Eagle, you should see Whole Foods Market – WOW!

  2. I’ve seen that place too… amazing stuff going on there. I still find myself wondering how things could have changed so quickly from the days of the “Mom and Pop” market. Just makes me feel older and older…

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