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To Be Good, You Have to Be Great!

Posted by Shane Murphy on Saturday, June 17, 2006

Looking at the words 'good' and 'great,' there are many definitions from which to choose.  So I jumped out to and pulled the definitions below. 

good (gd) adj. – Competent; skilled: a good machinist.
great (grt) adj. – Superior in quality or character; noble.

Of course, we all aspire for greatness in our professional lives, or at least most of us do.  And this great piece from makes a great point. 

"To be good at sales, you need to have mastered at least a couple of traits and/or habits. Mastered, we’re talking."

In other words (and the article gets into it very well), you have got to master some of the basics of selling to have any hope of even reaching 'good.'

Read it.  It's more than worth your time. 



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