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Do You Manage All Of Your Customers In The Same Way?

Posted by Shane Murphy on Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy Monday morning!  Let's start this week with some basic sales advice.

"All customers deserve to be treated fairly and ethically, but all customers don’t merit the same amount of your time. So by categorizing them, it’s a lot easier to determine how and where to concentrate your selling time."

What does that mean, exactly?  Consider this article from by sales trainer Bill Lee.  The article is an easy read, but really gets to the meat of setting up concepts like "Established Customer" and "Core Customer," helping draw a definitive line between your levels of customers.

"Let’s begin with listing your prospective customers as a target category. Not all customers in your trade area are viable prospects. Some of them are not creditworthy. Some are simply too small to justify the time it takes to cultivate into full-blown customers. Some need to be pruned like deadwood."

Bottom line… it's about managing not only your current customers and prospects, it's also about managing your time across all of them. 


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