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Review: Carina NT20 Mobile Laptop Desk

Posted by Shane Murphy on Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Well, I must admit… I never thought that I'd find it neccesary to sit down a review a desk of all things. But a few weeks ago, with the FIFA World Cup on my mind, I realized that I'm going to be spending significantly more time in front of my televisions (yes, I said televisions) starting this Friday.

If you're not a soccer fan, it doesn't matter. Just know that my days over the next month are going to be a bit bizarre. But I have work to do every day. Sadly enough, I can't just take a month off to watch soccer!

So as I thought about it, I started looking for a better way to work in my living room that didn't involve sitting in the easy chair with a computer on my lap. And as I looked, I stumbled across this desk from Carina.

So after seeing the ridiculously low price tag on this thing ($59.00), I decided 'What the heck?' and ordered it up. It arrived at the weekend, and I've been working with it the past few days.

You can easily adjust the height on this desk, and the only drawback that I can find so far is that the workspace is probably a little bit too small. Of course, I'd never put my coffee cup on the shelf above my computer as the picture shows, but I'm quite a clumsy fellow and would be hunting for a new laptop pretty quickly after my first spill.

This thing rolls with ease and you can sit in a 'regular' chair or even that easy chair. This thing is versatile and well worth a look. We all work from home, regardless of how much we get done at the office. So why not be comfortable while doing it?

For $59.00, you'd be well-served to give this thing serious consideration.


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