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Going For The ‘No!’

Posted by Shane Murphy on Monday, June 5, 2006


Are you afraid of failure?  If you are, you may be feeling like the nice gentleman to our left here.  In this game, failure is a big part of what we do – every single day, it seems.

We really do live in a culture that frowns on failure, sometimes to the point where we can be paralyzed by it.  In the selling game, being afraid to fail is a sure ticket to disaster.

That's really one of the many reasons that I blog here.  AccountHUNTER exists not only to just seek out and discuss different sales techniques.  What I really want to achieve with this blog is to hammer home the importance of preparation BEFORE the selling process begins.  

But if you're afraid of failing, it doesn't matter how much data you have at your disposal before you pitch the client.  If you fear the failure, you'll find it more often than you blindly stumble onto success.So today, take a look at this recent article from Jeremy Rawitz.   The story focuses on the need to step out and almost invite failure at times.  There are tons of excuses for staying in your shell to avoid failing, but there are many more reasons to step out and take the chance of succeeding.  An excerpt:

"Admit to your failures and learn from them. Have the courage to recognize your faults and you will develop much faster into a great salesperson than all the people hiding from their mistakes. Some salespeople go a step further and avoid risks altogether. They do only what is required of them to keep their job. They'll maintain clients and avoid prospecting. They pad their numbers and hide behind “full pipelines”. They'll bury themselves in paperwork and proposals, whatever is necessary to detach themselves from failing.


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