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‘The Best Sales Advice I’ve Received’

Posted by Shane Murphy on Saturday, June 3, 2006

I'm always on the lookout for good selling advice (and you should be too!), so when I came across this wonderful pice from the blog of Warren Greshes, I was pretty pleased.

gold.jpgOver 30 years of selling experience, and three pieces of advice that have stuck with him throughout his career:

1. If you throw enough $#@% against the wall, something's gotta stick.

2. If you sell enough dresses, you can burn down my office.

3. The way you break them in is the way they’re always going to be.

Those three simple sentences are pretty powerful when you think about them in the context of the daily efforts that you make in your career.  He also makes a pretty commonly used, but no less powerful statement in the piece as well.

"Great salespeople are worth their weight in gold.

 Are you?


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