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The ‘Essential Message’

Posted by Shane Murphy on Monday, May 29, 2006

message.jpgHave you ever given consideration to such a, well… essential question? We've heard it before, every one of us at some point. The elevator speech. What you do and how you sell it.

I hear people talk about this sort of stuff all the time, but how many people have perfected their 'essential message?' I can tell you with little doubt, that the majority of successful people have!

"The reality is, if you can't articulate in a compelling manner who you are, what you're especially good at and why anyone would want to do business with you, then the problem is worse than just blowing an opportunity to get a new client when you go for coffee."

I write a lot on this blog about being prepared, doing your due diligence, drafting your presentation and presenting it. But when you're prospecting, how many opportunities are lost because you just aren't good at articulating what it is, exactly, that you're there for.

Do you just go in looking to make a sale, or do you take all of that information that you gathered when you were preparing, add it to your 'essential message' about who you are and form a partnership?

With that in mind, take a few minutes today and read this wonderful piece from You'll have to take a few seconds and register for the site, but it's more than worth the price of membership!


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