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Cause Marketing – Can It Help You Win Business?

Posted by Shane Murphy on Saturday, May 27, 2006

Have you started to do your planning for the month of June? Considering that it's only a few days away, I sure hope it's on your mind! Today, I want to write a little bit about 'cause marketing' because it's just another thing for you to realize to help you pitch a potential client well. And of course, we all know that being prepared is more than half the battle to success!

Think about those potential clients that you've been working on recently. Are there any causes that one of them may be interested in? Do you even know if there is anything that they care about?

Take a look at this well-written piece from Microsoft's Small Business Center. Once you've digested it, put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients. How can you help them to put together a cause marketing campaign to the benefit of not only the client, but the cause as well?

Cause Marketing is not a new concept, but it's one that can be easily overlooked while you're out there beating the streets for business. Consider this fact that I found this week when scanning through Ad-ology… "In 1996, Starch Roper Worldwide released a consumer study that states 76% are likely to switch retailers to support a cause or charity when price, product and quality are equal."

76%. Take some time and talk to your clients or potential clients to find out what causes matter to them. Help them promote that cause. It'll be worth your time in more ways than you can even imagine.


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