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The How and Where of Networking

Posted by Shane Murphy on Sunday, May 21, 2006

moneycup.jpgMake no mistake about it. If you read this blog for very long, you'll notice some common themes of the points that I try to make. One of those themes will be the teachings of Jeffrey Gitomer. A lot of people that I know are familiar with his "in-your-face" teachings and are — how to say it — really uncomfortable in putting his concepts to use.

I can see that point, but there's one thing that is undeniable. The guy gets results.

So today, take a peek at this wonderful article on Networking. Remember, that thing that I mentioned heading into the weekend? I knew that you did!

Gitomer asks the question leading into the piece: How important is networking?

"If you're trying to be successful, it's the difference between mediocre and big."

Read it and heed it, folks. Put it to use and you'll see results. Trust me.


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