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12 Easy Steps To Effective Networking

Posted by Shane Murphy on Friday, May 19, 2006

It's a beautiful Friday night here in the midwest, and as I sit here wrapping up another demanding week, I was kicking around things to work on for my own personal development this weekend. And since I'll be attending a sporting event on Saturday night, I thought "Why not look at some networking information? See what more I can learn since I'll be in the company of a bunch of other like-minded folks?"

The base idea of networking is simple. Always be ready with that elevator speech, never be afraid to meet new people, be personable, and follow-through!

So I enter this weekend by listening to a podcast on this page, and I implore you all to do the same.

A few of the tips from this: "Be interested not interesting. You can’t have 200 best friends – prioritize." Basic networking skills, but easily forgotten…

There's nothing completely stunning in here, but I'm guessing that this will be of help to anybody wanting to find more prospects and ultimately make more sales.


One Response to “12 Easy Steps To Effective Networking”

  1. Thanks for the feedback on my sales podcast. I’m looking for input on other topics people would like addressed…any thoughts? Any Ad Industry Specific topics?


    Shane Gibson

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