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Organization Starts in your Workspace

Posted by Shane Murphy on Monday, May 15, 2006

As I sit here in my home office tonight, I think back to the days when I worked at an actual office. You know, that place where you try your best to make your workspace as functional as possible, but if you're like me, you may have reached a point where you just gave up.

Oh… before I get to writing on this one. Just in case you're wondering what got me on this kick tonight, take a look at this simple picture from this guy's blog.
I recognize that many of us aren't fortunate enough to work from an office at home. (And don't give me that whole 'must be nice' line about how super-awesome it must be to meet a client in a coffee shop to close a deal… it ain't all double lattes and fancy cookies!).

But have you considered lately how critical being comfortable in your office is to your overall productivity? Seriously! I know that for me, it's fun to sometimes sit in my comfy living room chair and tap away on my laptop. But for a lot of my work, I need to be in my office sitting at my desk, in an uncluttered environment that breeds creativity.

So with springtime in mind, take a look at this simple article that discusses the importance of organizing. The alternative will lead to lower productivity and ultimately, less money in your pocket!


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