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Ending Cold Calls?!?

Posted by Shane Murphy on Friday, May 12, 2006

I was sitting at, of all places, my doctor's office yesterday afternoon, and grabbed a copy of the Wall Street Journal. In it, I read an interesting piece about 'personal lead generation techniques.' The story was heavy on the techniques that you can employ to be a more effective lead generator, but was noticably light on a more important piece of the overall puzzle: building a relationship.

So today, I set out to do some looking about for some nice advice for you on not only generating solid leads, but building the relationship once you've identified it.

My search led me to straight away. This nice little piece on cold calling jumped right to the top of my thought process. The sane among us, of course, do not enjoy the cold calling process whatsoever… so why not look for some simple ideas that might help us? We all know that it's a part of the process, right?

But what about once you've identified a prospect? How do you bulid that relationship?

As I was looking around for something that made sense to share, I came across this interesting piece differentiating between the concept of consultative selling and what the author refers to as "unselling."

"Both are not passive approaches. They both require great questioning, listening, and solution-building skills."

It's a short piece, but definetly worth your time this weekend.


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