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Handheld Sales Still Climbing

Posted by Shane Murphy on Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We all have different preferences when it comes to our daily organization habits. Palm, Blackberry, PocketPC… but in recent months, the trending has become obvious. Handheld units out there that don't integrate telephone capabilities just aren't selling.

Industry experts contend that the all-in-one devices are approaching 15% of the overall marketplace, which gives them a solid base of users, it seems. And why not? Telephone, schedule, Email, Web… all on one tiny unit.

Treo700.jpgTraditional Palm sales are down, but the Treo series keeps growing. In fact, over 20% of Palm sales in the first quarter of this year were Treo 700w's. That seems to be a good sign for the upcoming release of the 700p (pictured), to be released later this month.

Dell is also still holding their own in the handheld arena, despite rumors that they're planning to bail out of the market completely. Their most expensive offering — the X51V — has become their most popular unit, but until they decide to partner with a mobile provider, the writing is on the wall.

Hope you find this little bit of information helpful as you consider your next mobile organizer upgrade.


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