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For the Really Big Pitch, Consider Using an A/V Pro

Posted by Shane Murphy on Monday, May 8, 2006

Ladies PresentingUnless you're representing a mid-size or larger agency, you may not have access to an audio/visual department to help you with the really important presentations or events.

The April 21, 2006 edition of the Business Journal of Milwaukee suggests that the "right audio-visual service can make (your) presentation better."

Depending on their size, companies will have different audio-visual needs, according to Betsy Jaffe, director of public relations for InfoComm International, a Fairfax, Va., trade association of the professional audiovisual and information communications industries. A larger company will usually have an in-house information technology department, although they may want to hire additional help for bigger events or for training on new equipment. Smaller companies often require more extensive services. Jaffe said more businesses are relying on audio-visual professionals to assist in the design of PowerPoint and other presentations.

What can an audio-visual service do?
* Design presentations using graphics and other tools
* Create a staging plan for an event
* Provide and oversee technology for lighting, video and sound
* Set up video conferencing and interactive whiteboards for meetings.

No one wants to spend more money on a new business pitch, but if your A/V could mean the difference between winning the account or not, it might be worth considering.


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