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Lessons Learned From a 3-year Old…

Posted by Shane Murphy on Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A bit of motivation on tap today for you.  I had one of those days today that just had me on that kick for, well… a kick in the pants!  You know what I'm talking about.  We all have them sometimes.

So I came across this simple blog — Marketing On The Run — and a short little mp3 about tenacity and perseverance in your life.  I'm surely going to visit this blog more often in my world from now on, and I felt a little more positive about myself when I was done.

One thing that really stuck with me from my visit to this blog was a quote that popped up when I first landed on it.

"Motivation will almost always beat mere talent."

On a day like I had, that was a simple quote that I really needed to hear. And that's what a motivational blog should do for me, isn't it?


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Killer Interview – Jeffrey Gitomer

Posted by Shane Murphy on Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Every day as I sift through the amazing information that is available on the Internet for the things that I write about, I'm pretty impressed by the stuff that I find. But never, ever, have I been so stunned to find something as I was last night when I landed on an incredible series of interviews with my favorite sales trainer – Jeffrey Gitomer.

The interview was conducted by Dan Tudor over at, and is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill article. This stuff is absolute gold!

One thing that stuck with me, from the this portion of the interview, deals with firing a customer:

"If there were no ability or desire to change the situation, then I would try to find another source for them — the competitor I hate the most!"

Like everything I've ever read, heard, or seen from Gitomer… he once again drives straight to the point.

Kudos to Dan over at LandingTheDeal for landing this fantastic interview.

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The ‘Essential Message’

Posted by Shane Murphy on Monday, May 29, 2006

message.jpgHave you ever given consideration to such a, well… essential question? We've heard it before, every one of us at some point. The elevator speech. What you do and how you sell it.

I hear people talk about this sort of stuff all the time, but how many people have perfected their 'essential message?' I can tell you with little doubt, that the majority of successful people have!

"The reality is, if you can't articulate in a compelling manner who you are, what you're especially good at and why anyone would want to do business with you, then the problem is worse than just blowing an opportunity to get a new client when you go for coffee."

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10 Minutes Better Spent

Posted by Shane Murphy on Sunday, May 28, 2006

clock.JPGI stumbled across this very short blog entry from over the weekend and found it very interesting, especially given the short time that we all seem to have on a daily basis to live our personal and professional lives with any sort of success.

The entry starts with the question "Do you realize how much more people in this world could accomplish if they used 10 minutes every day more effectively?

So, do you?  Take a look and see!

Once you've read it, I challenge you to take some time and expand their list.   

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Cause Marketing – Can It Help You Win Business?

Posted by Shane Murphy on Saturday, May 27, 2006

Have you started to do your planning for the month of June? Considering that it's only a few days away, I sure hope it's on your mind! Today, I want to write a little bit about 'cause marketing' because it's just another thing for you to realize to help you pitch a potential client well. And of course, we all know that being prepared is more than half the battle to success!

Think about those potential clients that you've been working on recently. Are there any causes that one of them may be interested in? Do you even know if there is anything that they care about?

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The Myths of Prospecting

Posted by Shane Murphy on Friday, May 26, 2006

seeking.JPGWell, not really for dummies! I wouldn't consider anybody who actively seeks out ways to improve themselves dumb. But I digress…

Take a peek at this simple, 5-point article that I found on – the 'Myths of Sales Prospecting.' Put simply, the piece points out and debunks five prospecting myths.

"For years, I dreaded the prospecting part of sales. The constant rejection was excruciating until I learned the myths toward sales prospecting."

It's a quick read, and it's certainly worth your time.

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Manage Those Leads!

Posted by Shane Murphy on Wednesday, May 24, 2006

organize.JPGThis is one of the reasons that I started this blog… to help you find those new accounts. But what do you do when you DO start finding them (and you will if you're paying attention)?

From an old article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: "When it comes to prospecting for sales, quality supersedes quantity."

Take some time today and read this article. Then read it again. And maybe even a third time!

It's great advice, and will help you keep getting better. And that's the very reason why I blog here…

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Ad-ology Widget For Mac OS X

Posted by Shane Murphy on Tuesday, May 23, 2006

adology_200508311228.jpgNot sure how I missed this before, but the Ad-ology folks have a widget out for Mac OS X. According to, the widget "Allows subscribers to search the vast database of business intelligence for advertising/marcom agencies, plus displays the latest industry news and marketing research."

If you've never glanced at Ad-ology, you're missing out. This nifty little tool just integrates an already easy-to-use system directly into your Mac dashboard.

Ad-ology is designed to allow you to access the latest in agency news, research potential local and regional businesses for proposals and pitches and find co-op advertising funding opportunities, and research a wide variety of consumer demographics by market — or even zip code — and find promotional campaign tie-ins based on movie releases, seasons or charitable causes.

They offer a 21-day free trial… I'd recommend taking a look

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Finding New Business – It’s All About ‘Working Smart’

Posted by Shane Murphy on Monday, May 22, 2006

Work smarter, not harder… we hear that one all the time in this age of downsizing and being asked to do more than ever before.  But it's not as easy as a fancy slogan or just sitting down to work more hours.

It never ceases to amaze me how many of my friends seem to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and get no further than others who aren't working nearly that much.  Bottom line?  It's all about how you work, not how much you work!

Jumping around on Monday, I found this piece from Jeffrey Mayer about finding new business and how it intertwines with what I think we all want to do — succeed in our work.  Take a look at it when you can grab a moment as you transiton from hard work to smart work. 

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The How and Where of Networking

Posted by Shane Murphy on Sunday, May 21, 2006

moneycup.jpgMake no mistake about it. If you read this blog for very long, you'll notice some common themes of the points that I try to make. One of those themes will be the teachings of Jeffrey Gitomer. A lot of people that I know are familiar with his "in-your-face" teachings and are — how to say it — really uncomfortable in putting his concepts to use.

I can see that point, but there's one thing that is undeniable. The guy gets results.

So today, take a peek at this wonderful article on Networking. Remember, that thing that I mentioned heading into the weekend? I knew that you did!

Gitomer asks the question leading into the piece: How important is networking?

"If you're trying to be successful, it's the difference between mediocre and big."

Read it and heed it, folks. Put it to use and you'll see results. Trust me.

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