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Book Review – ‘Little Red Book of Sales Answers’

Posted by Shane Murphy on Saturday, April 29, 2006

Little Red Book of Sales Answers
Jeffrey Gitomer
Published April 2006

Salesanswers_thumb_3I had been anticipating Gitomer's second entry of his very solid "Little Red Book" series, and was not surprised that this one was another home run, ala his "Little Red Book of Selling."

Gitomer doesn't really put forth any stunning new breakthrough in this, or any of his writings. What he does do, and quite well, is hit you right square in the face with a strong approach to selling. In a nutshell… get off your butt and WORK! (and that doesn't mean work harder… it means get SMARTER and follow some simply human principles)

An example:

"What do I do when the prospect lies?"

Gitomer's advice is sound… "The best way to do business with a liar is to confront them with the truth. If they lie once, they'll lie twice. Be aware of the snake you sleep with. You may wake up with a bitten asp."

A bit of humor (which he is again very high on) but it gets to the point. I paid $20.00 for this little gem, but you can get it for $13 at It's more than worth it.


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